Sending rose basket to someone special in Korea

Even though flower bouquets are getting more popular for the young,  still a flower basket is a classical great gift. 🙂

At FlowerGiftKorea, rose baskets are one of the steady sellers in total age group, especially, the design, Standing Rose Basket sells the most.

The good thing of this design is that this rose basket looks so much bigger than normal baskets with the same amount of roses. 🙂

This design can be made with 25, 30, 40, 50 even more of roses. If you have trouble with how to choose the size, let me show you the photos of a variety of sizes of rose baskets. 🙂


25 yellow rose basket

For the rose basket above, 25 roses were used. (25 roses are the minimum needed.)

25 yellow rose basket
25 yellow rose basket


With 25 roses, the basket looks big enough to impress a person. 🙂 When we were delivering this basket to the office, it really drew all the attention from the colleagues of the recipient.

*If you want to impress someone with flowers, I advise you to send it to the office. 🙂 Getting the flowers at work is seriously awesome; everyone looks at the person with jealous eyes and.. (sad truth..) many girls enjoy the feeling.. 🙂 trust me.


30 red rose basket


30 rose basket with stuffed toys and a chocolate bouquet

This red rose basket were filled with 30 roses. This is not much bigger than 25 rose basket, but you can still see some size difference.


40 rose basket

Here is the rose basket with 40 roses. 🙂

40 rose basket

This is the photo of me holding the rose basket. I hope it will help you to guess the size of the rose basket.


Here is the rose basket with 55 roses. 😀 The size becomes so much bigger than 40 roses.  If you want to super surprise someone, this will be it. 🙂 For some reason, this basket is the most popular for K-pop fans overseas.

55 rose basket
55 rose basket
55 rose basket


55 rose basket


80 rose basket with a chocolate bouquet

The size of the rosebasket may not be able to be guessed from this angle, but it is huge. 🙂


And this is 100 rose basket. 🙂 The size was seroiusly huge and heavy.

100 rosebasket
100 rose basket

I was trying to hold the basket for this photo, but could not hold for a long time. Actually the rose basket was leaning on my chest because I could not stand the weight of the rose basket. 😀 That is why the basket seems a bit smaller than the first photo.

Hope those photos attached could help you with your choice. 🙂 Also if you have any questions or inquiry about the flower delivery, feel free to ask me anything anytime. 🙂

Our website is  and my instragram account is brandyflowergiftkorea .



Long Stem Roses in Korea

o40 Long Stem Roses


Long Stem Rose bouquet is one of the most romantic flower gifts that many men would like to send to their girl friends or wives. 🙂 Also roses come out in a variety of colors, so they can be used for many kinds of occasions. (not only romantic occasion)

Personally I love long stammed roses better than short stammed roses because .. if you see the photo above, you can see how big and full the bouquet looks in my arms! 40 roses are used for this bouquet, but the size seems much bigger than just a normal flower bouquet. (Even if we use the same amounts of flowers.)

40 long stem roses


Even though long stammed rose bouquet is well-known worldwide, this type of rose bouquet is not very common in Korea. To be honest, before I started international flower service, I even had no idea that this kind of flower bouquet exists. 🙂


40 long stemmed roses

My partner, Tony advised me to make long stammed roses, and I was not sure why I did not cut off the stems short~!

Guess what? Once we put the rose bouquet on our website, it quickly became the best seller. 😀 Yay!

Most of our customers (who order on our website) are not Korean, but many of the recipients are Korean. So when they receive long stemmed rose bouquets, they get really surprised because of the size and the design. 😀  (I love~~~~  seeing their smiling when they see them. LOL )

This bouquet is a classic romantic gift in the world, but in Korea, it also means unique & big rose bouquet as this is not really common!! 🙂

me, making a long stemmed rose bouquet


Normally a normal flower bouquet can be grabbed in one hand, but it takes two hands to hold this bouquet, so it feels just like hugging. 🙂



The photos above are all 40 long stem roses, but it can be smaller. 🙂 12, 20 and 30 rose bouquet are available.

Ah.. I really should not upload the last photo.. 🙁  I look like a mean lady… but just wanted to show the quality of the roses. 🙂

As you see in the photo, we always use the best flowers for our products. 😀 Fresh roses are something that we never compromise!!

You can check this flower out on our website, 🙂




Delivering a flowerbasket to Kim GoEun (김고은) Fan Meeting

Kim GoEun

We, FlowerGiftKorea, delivered this big beautiful flowerbasket to Kim GoEun to celebrate her first fan meeting. 🙂

Kim GoEun is a famous Korean actress who has a gorgeous smile but (uncommonly) no double eyelid.

Kim GoEun

I know it sounds weird that all of a sudden I brought up this “not having double eyelid” thing.. that is because in Korea, this kind of actress is not common. Women with big eyes have been known as beautiful girls , but this actress has brought sensation about the STANDARD beautiful female face in Korea. 🙂

Even though she does not have big eyes, but her skin and face shape are extraordinary .. and her acting is awesome, too!

I started to be interested in her when I watched the drama, “Cheese in the Trap” but her last drama, in Goblin,  her acting was so good. She was just like a highschool girl as she was suposed to act.

Kim GoEun in Drama, Goblin


That’s why when we got required to send a flowerbasket to her from her fan overseas, I was pretty excited. 🙂



FlowerBasket (named Vintage Beauty on the website)

Pink (or Peach) color lisianthus, callas, white filler flowers, statice, golden balls, and some greens filled this basket 🙂




We safely delivered this basket to the entrance of the fan meeting place,  I am sure she saw it when she walked in.

Hope she liked the flowers, and they brightened up her first fan meeting. 🙂


Sending Gifts and Flowers to Nu’est Aron

A few days ago, there was Aron’s birthday (one of the Nu’est members, Korean Idol Group).

How did I know?

Because we got some orders from their fans overseas. 😀

Nu’est Aron


It is not our first time sending gifts to Nu’est, but this time I feel like Nu’est is so familiar with me as they are on my favorite show, PRODUCE 101.  😀

Especially JR (Kim Jong Hyun) is becoming my fixed pick! due to his good personality and leadership. 🙂

I am sure my voting for him is working…..  LOL 🙂


OK, let’s go back to the gifts we sent for Aram. 🙂

The yellow pillow with heart shap eyes, snack box, and beersnack box 🙂

You can see the stuff inside the boxes below.

beersnack box

Beer Snack box– If you are a beer lover, you will know what snacks are good with beer. 🙂 As a beer lover myself, Koreans love beer jerky, buttered squid, peanuts, almonds, salty snacks (like cheeseball) etc..  🙂



Snack box – In this box, there are candies, chocolates, sweet snacks, salty snacks.. 🙂 When you get bored, you can simply use some of it.


birthday card

Pillow and the card 🙂

These 3 items are for Aron’s birthday. 😀


rosebasket, wine, ferrero bouquet

These gifts are also from another group of fans for Aron’s birthday. : )

ferrero bouquet and wine




It is always fun visiting the agency and trying to get a chance to meet celebrities.. 🙂 Rarely we have, but not so many. lol

I really do hope  that the singers feel the true love of the fans who live far far far away by getting those gifts. 🙂



Sending flowers and gifts to Korean Celebrities (G-Dragon, Lee MinHo)

Since I am in a flower-business, we (FlowerGiftKorea) get lots of requests from fans overseas asking to send gifts or flowers to their loved celebrities in Korea. 🙂

The first celebrity that we got required to send flowers to was G-Dragon. 🙂

We were not sure at that time if we would be allowed to send gifts or flowers to such a super-star like him, so before we did anything, we went to his place and asked one of the receptionists if we could leave flowers there. The receptionist said yes, so we could deliver flowers there as required by the fan. 🙂

However.. unfortunately we cannot do it for him anymore.. because when we went the second time, they told us that we could not leave any gift or flowers there for him any more…… 🙁  (There is a big story behind this, maybe next time I will post it..)

Anyhow, we were pretty depressed that we could not deliver flowers to celebrities (after we experienced the flower rejection from G-Dragon’s place) but still whenever we got the requires from fans, I always made phone calls to the agency to make sure if it is okay with them, most of the times, they said yes. 🙂


Still.. even though many of them do not mind accepting fans’ gifts, I am worried when the celebrity is really really super star.. I think that is because of.. G-Dragon rejection effect…? HAHA 😀 (We are laughing now, but at that time, that was pretty hurtful…  the way they spoke to us….. hmm……  Oh, G-Dragon himself is not involved in this!  lol)


The flowerbasket below is for another Super-Star, Lee MinHo! 😀

Lee Minho

The Agency, MYM said they will pass flowers to the artist.. 🙂

Flowerbasket, Big Teddy bear, and personal card.. 🙂

We took photos in front of the door, MYM. 🙂

** We try to take photos every time we go to any agency, but some companies do not let us take photos.. then we can’t.. Please be aware of this.  🙂 **


This huge rosebasket and the ferrerorocher bouquet were for Lee MinHo, as well. 🙂 He is such a lucky guy.. there are so many fans caring for him even overseas.. 🙂

The weather was nice, so took the photo outside of MYM building. 🙂

at the door, MYM again 🙂


This yellow rosebasket is for Minho again! 😀

I think the agency people will remember us very soon…. lol

This time, we were able to go inside… 🙂 There are many people working, but never got to see any celebrities…… sad…

There are a lot more celebrities we have sent flowers to!! More posting will come out soon~~ 😀


Oh, if you are interested in sending flowers or gifts, you can check out our website, ! 🙂



Repotting Succulents

As a florist, not only I make flower bouquets or flower baskets, but also I repot some plants.

Like any other living creatures, my plants do grow… very quickly.. It is a good thing.. but once the plants grow big enough, they need new houses.. because the roots get really crowded in their original pots.

One of my jobs, finding the plants new houses! by Repotting! 🙂

The photos below are not really about repotting, but the process is just the same.  (I am actually planting succulents in my glass pots. :D)

First, the big sand should be washed properly and put in the pots. Not so much, just one layer at the bottom.

This big sand (or rock? stone?) thing has good drainage so it prevents plants to die from excess moisture.

Secondly, we need soil. But not only soil.. I mix the soil with small sand (this sand thing is smaller than the one I used in the first photo).

That is because succulents (kind of cactus) like dry condition, so water should not stay in the soil for a long time. It has to come out quickly. Since the sand is good for water drainage, I use it with the soil. (For normal plants, I use less sand.)

These are the succulents I am going to plant. 🙂

I take it out from the soft pot. This time, I need to be careful, because the root can be easily damaged. Especially these succulents are pretty young and the roots are fragile.

Putting soil (with smaller sand) in the pot..

Planting the succulents into the soil..

Then~ this is done!! 😀 😀 😀 lol~~~

Honestly planting is not as fun as arranging flowers or making flower bouquets, but I feel good after I get the plants new homes.. 🙂

Grow well in the new house, my babies… 🙂


Dryflower making

Sometimes when I finish my work (making flowers and stuff) early.. somehow I start to feel a little nervous.. and panic because I begin to think.. “I am not doing anything now!! What am I doing in my life??? Am I working hard enough?”

This sounds silly and paranoid.. but it is so true of me. 🙂

Then I water the plants and change the water in the buckets which our flowers are put in, mop the floor and clean the table…

After all that, I try to make something with what we have available at the shop such as dry-flowers hanging at the corner of our shop. 🙂

I love running a flower shop, but one thing that is bad about a flower shop is that if we do not sell all the flowers, they die.. (cannot sell) But! The good thing is that we can turn them into dry-flowers! 😀

These days people (including me) are so in love with dry-flowers in Korea. 🙂 At the beginning, we were not able to sell dry-flowers as we did not have one, but now some dry-flowers are available at our shop. 🙂 (Is it a good thing or bad thing?)


baby’s breath flowerbouquet

The most popular dryflower is baby’s breath. 🙂 Baby’s breath flower looks almost the same as when it was a fresh flower so many people adore it.  The flowerbouquet (in the photo above) is a small bouquet, so very popular for friend’s gift. 🙂


dryflowersDryflowers in a plastic case

Here are different designs of dryflowers. 🙂  Roses, baby’s breath, globe amaranth and statice flowers have been used for this design. Baby’s breath, globe amaranth and statice are well-known for dry flowers as they look so similar when they were once fresh flowers. Since the flowers are safe in the case (dry flowers are delicate, so not easy to get rid of dirt or dust from the flowers) it is a good housewarming party gift or good for interior. 🙂



dryflowers in a case

The dry flower above is something that I really like because the case is so unique. 🙂 I have seen many cases, but this case was small, but made the flowers look so fancy. 😀 The price for the case wasn’t very good for the size.. but it is pretty anyways. 🙂

Simple baby’s breath dry flower in a square case



It could have been a boring day, but those dryflowers kept me excited for the day. 🙂 Maybe I should start to make more dry-flowers for more varieties~! 😀

Cherry blossoms in Spring of Korea

Wow..  I feel like 2017, the new year has just started but it is already April now!! Unbelievable..

The weather is so good and the breeze is just enough to make people sleepy after lunch..  Some girls are wearing floral skirts holding take out coffee and walking slowly.. 🙂

This is so peaceful! I love spring!! Even though I am kind of shocked that 1/3 of 2017 year has been passed by..

Anyhow.. what makes me so happy about Spring is a cherry blossom festival! 🙂  There are many cherry trees all over Korea, so many places of Korea hold a variety of cherry blossom festivals. I always wanted to go to that kind of festival, but unfortunately I have not been to..   However, it is totally fine! because as I said, cherry trees are ALL OVER KOREA!! 😀

Yesterday, my husband Tony and I went to the small river, named YangJaeCheon, which is near our shop, to see cherry blossoms after lunch. 🙂

cherryblossomsinYangJaeCheonThe weather and the breeze were perfect! Also there were many people seeing and taking photos of the cherry blossoms. 🙂


me and Tony


I love cherry blossoms.. They are seriously so pretty, and sometimes it even looks like snow falling..:) The funny thing is that I have known that the cherry tree  is Japan’s national tree and  I was wondering how come we got so many cherry trees in Korea even more than our national tree, Mugungwha (rose of sharon). However I just discovered that the cherry tree is not Japan’s national tree…??! I guess Koreans and Japaneses people, both of us just like cherry blossom..: )

funny lol

I wonder people in other countries like cherry blossoms as well. Hope this season lasts long~~~ long~~~~ for me.. 🙂




As I mentioned in my self-introduction, my husband and I are running a flower gift shop in Korea. 🙂 We get orders from people overseas (like the United States, Australia, Canada or Europe, Asia.. just everywhere! )  and send flowers or gifts to people in Korea. So.. we are like LOVE MESSANGERS for some people!! 😀 lol

It has been almost a year since we started FlowerGiftKorea..  I was a little worried at first about starting this business as I was not sure how big the market we are aiming for would be..

Also some people said our business concept ddi not seem to work.

Nevertheless, we did it anyways, because no matter what people say, we believed our vision and saw some needs for this kind of service.


Now, I am very happy that we started this business. As we expected, there are needs. 🙂 Also my husband, Tony was born in Canada, he speaks perfect English. I think his perfect English makes our customers feel much more comfortable. Now they can ask for what they want more specifically.

(I am Korean, born in Korea, grew up in Korea..  so.. I apologize in advance that you will see many mistakes about my English writing on my blog~ 🙂 )

This is the front shot of my shop. I do not like that the glass is kind of dark, Wish the glass was a bit lighter so that people could see through our plants more easily.. 🙁

Our flower refrigerator filled with beautiful flowers 🙂 Tomorrow, we are going to send buch of flower bouquets, so we bought them today. Since they are having water now, they will be more fresh tomorrow. 🙂


Stuffed Toys are also available at our shop. Some of our customers like to send flowers with something, like stuffedtoys or chocolates or even wine. 🙂


Some of the plants and trees available at our shop

The small pots, people buy to place on their desks or shelves for interior. Also even though the pots are small, they still have air purifying function, make them good gifts. 🙂

Also the big trees are mainly for business opening or housewarming. If you know anyone that opens a new business in Korea, consider to send the tree. 🙂




You know.. when I was a little girl, this time (Spring by the way) the air in Korea was always bad due to the yellow dust from China. It was just some kind of dust or small sand from deserts in China. Sure it was annoying because my mom made me and my sister and brother clean the windows  and the rooms but it was not like so bad for human health. It was not human threatening or anything.

Now, However, in 2017, the air has become very severe because of the huge amount of dust. The dust.. contains not only sand or ordinary dust but also heavy metal  which can cause cancer and other diseases.

This disaster occurs mostly from pollution like cars, construction and factories etc.. but the thing is that it will be even more serious because the China government decided to move all the factories to the east side of China until 2020 so that they can have better air.

So.. what about Korea? Korea is near the east side of China.. and also the wind blows from west to east most of the times, which means all the dust will come to Korea.. It seems really unfair to me. I do hope one of the presidental candidates will do something about it.

Meanwhile.. we should do something about it, too! We need to reduce our own pollution as well.

Also, we should try to keep this dust from coming into our lungs. Here are a few things I do for me and my husband.

  1. Wearing a KF94 mask when we go outside, especially making deliveres
    kf94mask, airinkorea, dustinkorea

    The dust is so small, so we should use this kind of strong mask. This mask is wonderful dust proof and even protects some virus as well.

2. Using Air Purifier

airpurifierI bought this air purifier, Winix. People say this model is well known for good price and good function. I had to wait at least three weeks for it to come in my hands. The price was.. less than $200 at that time, but now I just checked it again, the price went up! Hue~ 🙂

However I heard the air purifier cannot catch really small dusts.. the really small dust we can catch by air purifying plants.

3. Air Purifying Plants



Aren’t they cute? 😀

From left, Kalanchoe, Rosemary, Dracaena

Air Purifying plants cannot catch big dust, but small dust. That’s why I put the Air Purifier (machine) and those plants together in my bedroom. 🙂 Small dust is much more dangerous because the dust never comes out of our body once it gets in there..